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Let yourself be guided by a local instructor, professional, relax and fun


Colombia has an amazing wheather with no seasons and our tours starts in Piedechinche close to the city of cali (Airtport to arrive is Cali or CLO) and then we will be traveling to Roldanillo Ansermanuevo, Apia and Jerico. We will also do changes depending on the desires of our clients.
Our road trips are well known because the way Richi does it, fun, relax and cero stress.

"Our experience, your best option"

About the tours


Richi started doing paragliding tours in 2001 in California, USA and became popular for his fun tours, then he started doing more all around the west of USA. Then in 2006 Richi decided to return back to his country and started right away doing an average of six tours per year with amazing results. Safety and happy costumers with full of great stories to tell. Colombia with 360 flying day per year is a premier paragliding paradise and Richi as a local guide and instructor with his extraordinary crew, plus his actitud make this road trips very fun, unforgettable and everyone who live the experience wanted to come back.


Our trips are design for begginers and intermedia pilots and if you are an advance pilot interested in just XC but don’t want to experience our culture, the fun and the camaraderie This Is Not For You.