Welcome to one of the greatest and more consistent fly sites. Without seasons.

Morning thermals and afternoons soaring.

Sleep next to launch.

Top landing.

Chicamocha Canyon one hour away. Amazing fly site.


Fly, explore and discover South America´s best kept secret, Colombia. We strive to provide our clients with an excellent vacation, flying fantastic sites while having fun and encountering our Colombian culture: the food, the music, the people. We hope to make it an unforgettable adventure.

fly-site hostel

Come to our fly-site hostel, right next to Las Aguilas launch in Ruitoque. A two-story house next door to a groomed, grassy launch Wake up, eat breakfast and fly all day long. Thermal, XC in the morning and ridge soar all afternoon. Pilot’s dream come true! Top land next to your house. Hammocks, pool, city views, and cafeteria service on weekends.


Learn to fly in a place where you can practice in all kinds of conditions every day. Private training hill site for those first steps. Learn all kinds of skills, theory, advance and improve your level of flying. Beginners can learn to fly in 10 days.

Tandem flights

Tandem flights are the easiest and safest way to experience a free flight. It involves a pilot flying with a passenger as a shared adventure. You and the pilot have separate harnesses that are attached by spreader bars to the paraglider wing. The purpose of the tandem flight is to enjoy paragliding as a passenger without being the pilot in command.

Decide how many days, what activities, and your budget. Bring your friends and travel with them. Here we can fly almost every day, but if you want other activities we can incorporate them. Tours can be less expensive or more expensive depending on whether you want fancy hotels or more basic accommodations. You can have a more organized tour, with sightseeing, partying, outdoor activities or only flying. Just email us and we will plan it together or go with our standard 10 day tour.

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Colombia Paragliding Trip 2017

Ricardo Mantilla or 'Richi' as you are most known, a lover of his land transformed his passion for heights, traveling and flying, a way of life.

Simon Parker learns to enjoy the wind beneath his wing

Report from The Independent, newspaper from England. "Simon Parker learns the art of paragliding with Colombia Paragliding".

Want to learn to fly or to fly tandem with a professional?

Intersted in having your own Colombian paragliding experience? Check out colombiaparagliding.com