Learn to fly in a place where you can practice in all kinds of conditions every day. Private training hill site for those first steps. Learn all kinds of skills, theory, advance and improve your level of flying. Beginners can learn to fly in 10 days.


Fly, explore and discover South America´s best kept secret, Colombia. We strive to provide our clients with an excellent vacation, flying fantastic sites while having fun and encountering our Colombian culture: the food, the music, the people. We hope to make it an unforgettable adventure.


Come flying with us so that you can finally make your dream of flying come true.


We are introducing the new way of flying and travelling in Colombia on your own with a very nice Motorcycle.



My boyfriend and I took the 15-day paragliding course with Richi and his crew. We chose this school after a lot of research. It was so much better than we could have even imagined! The school had been successful in Bucaramanga for many years, and from what I've heard, this is an even better training location. The combined quality of the instruction and the location created the best learning experience possible. Each day we would start flying in the morning and resume after lunch in the afternoon. By the end of the course, I had logged 43 flights and 13 hours of airtime, and my boyfriend had logged 43 flights and 9 hours 40 minutes of airtime. We were lucky that the class was just the two of us, but Richi usually caps groups at around 6 people, so everyone feels like they have personalized instruction from the 3 experienced pilots on the Colombia Paragliding team. Richi, his wife, Giovanna, the staff, and the entire paragliding community were welcoming and supportive. We had a ton of fun, and we left Colombia feeling like we had a new family in Santa Elena. We can't wait to visit and fly with them again!

Dahlia Somers

I normally do not submit reviews, but this course left a lasting impression on me, so here it is. First off, Richi and all his instuctors, German, Pavel, and Keon, were exceptional, they were all passionate paragliders first and foremost and teaching was something they clearly loved doing. Not only were they focused on ensuring you were learning, but they were genuinely concerned for your comfort and well-being both mentally and physically - the true definition of gentlemen. Then there was Giovanna, she made everything run smoothly, such a lovely soul. The course was at Piedechinchi, the paragliding community is very welcoming there. I stayed in one of Richi's apartments (private room) in Santa Elena and had 4 of best room/class mates ever! Will never forget them. The small town was busy and people were very helpful, always felt safe. Such a great trip, Colombia's nature is beautiful, especially when seen from a paragliding harness. I went with the sole purpose of learning to paraglide but instead came away with a much greater appreciation of how kind and joyful human nature can be. Oh, the paragliding was good too, Richi had three beginner students together in the same thermal reaching cloudbase on flight day 6...

Vic tor

Richi did an excellent job creating an unforgettable experience for me on the paragliding tour in Colombia that I joined in February! He is incredibly nice, he made me feel comfortable and safe immediately upon my arrival in Bucaramanga. You have mastered the perfect combination of professionalism and calm. He is so refreshing and laid back to have a good time and yet I was also impressed with his ability to simultaneously manage all the details of the trip to perfection. The bus was very nice and our driver was safe and efficient. The hostels we stayed in were great and Richi took us to many delicious restaurants where we ate like Colombian kings at low prices. What really closed the deal for me was Richie's genuine interest in the safety of every person on tour. He took the time to give us detailed tours of the site and supported each member of the tour at their own level of expertise. The trip exceeded my expectations, and I would definitely recommend it. Thanks Richi !!


I was from January 24, 2020 to February 7, 2020 with Colombia Paragliding School and Tours in Colombia. I am very thankful for how Richie Mantilla and his team organized our trip. It was the best paragliding tour I have ever done. I am very impressed by Colombia! The people are amazing! Food is great! We flew every day and Richie had picked the best spots! Transportation services, accommodation, the entire trip were very well organized and all promises were kept. There was not a single moment of friction or complaint! The excitement, the culture, the food, and the flight were excellent! 5 out of 5 stars! I can't wait to meet Richie and his team again! By the way: he had a very professional driver to take us from one place to another in a very comfortable bus! Always supportive and friendly! I can't wait to visit again!

Wolfgang M

Colombia Paragliding

Via Hacienda El Paraiso Kilometro 6.
Hacienda El Eden Resort & Spa.
Corregimiento de Santa Elena.
municipio de El Cerrito.
Valle del Cauca Colombia.
+57 312 4326266


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