Come and fly whith us in one of the best place in the world,
my home sites in Bucaramanga,Colombia.

With more than 350 flying days in the year, Bucaramanga and the state of Santander, Colombia have become a premier paragliding paradise. Bucaramanga, in the heart of the country, is a priveleged place for our sport because of its unique topographic and climatic conditions that permit us to paraglide nearly every day of the year. Don't believe the weather forecast.

"We offer a planned tour consisting of a 10 day itinerary for 8-12 people. Accommodations, breakfast, all transportation (including to and from the airport), and additional fun times and exploration are provided for one set price. So make your group and have a trip with your buddies, or come by yourself and meet other pilots. Discover an unforgettable country and an amazing place to enjoy and perfect the art of paragliding.

Paragliding Tours:

from 6 to 12 pilots , we go all around Colombia. Pilots can be picked up in Bucaramanga (preferably), Bogota or Cali. Special prices for planned tours in November and December. January and February will have more personized tours that can be organized with Pilot's own groups and dates. Any level can join us. Please see our Trip Advisor tetsimonials and great pictures at Colombia Paragliding.


nightly accommodation, breakfast, transportation, site fees, city tours and refreshments, guiding from local bilingual instructors with very good tips, knowlege and road trip experience in Colombia.


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