Course Description

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Open Sky Course
(5 days)
COP 1'800.000

Discover paragliding – 3 days ground handling including a tandem discovery flight. First solo flight experience. Minimum 10 flights. We recommend you have good health and ankle supporting boots. Minimum age 14.

Adventure Course
(10 days)
COP 3'500.000

Your magical dream realized – School pilot improving skills and knowledge on the way to becoming an independent pilot. Minimum 20 flights.

APPI Pilot Course
(15 days)
COP 4'800.000

Full pilot certification – Able to fly alone, supervision recommended if not in the learning site. Minimum 30 flights (including logbook). Minimum age 16.

Paragliding School

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The sport of paragliding offers the chance to realize man's oldest dream and it is a beautiful sport that most people can learn. Bucaramanga, in Colombia, is the perfect place to learn everything about paragliding in a short period of time with qualified instructors and amazing flying sites.

School Goal

Our goal is to provide all students with the skills and knowledge necessary to practice the art of paragliding to its fullest, and with the utmost concern for safety and good judgment in flight. Few places in the world have as many varied sites and consistent conditions available in such close proximity as Bucaramanga. It is a virtual paragliding paradise.

Beginners level course

We offer complete instruction in the basics of free flight with consistent weather conditions. You will learn all kinds of flying and practice everything necessary to fly in any kind of site in the world. The course is 10 days of training and includes dormitory (or upgrade to a private room). Be sure to plan more time for other things like traveling or to continue flying after the course. Equipment can be purchased here for better prices than U.S. or Europe.

Progression Course

If you are an experienced pilot and want to perfect your flying techniques…"This is the place!!!" We offer excellent instruction for learning to fly in thermic conditions and in different sites. We also can help you to improve your abilities in soaring, launching and top-landing in high winds. We can offer a very personal course for your first XC flights. Price: varies with individual needs. Roughly COP320,000/5-6 hours a day. Call or email us to work out the details.

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