Colombia Paragliding is a paragliding center on the outskirts of Piedechinche in El Cerrito municipality, in Colombia's beautiful Valle del Cauca region, offering everything that has to do with the wonderful sport of paragliding. Full courses, tours, ride and fly tours and tandem flights.

A few words about the founder

Born in Bucaramanga, Colombia, Richi’s love of the outdoors and sports began at a young age. He camped and explored South America, excelled in soccer, and as an exchange student in the US he played soccer for his school. In 1994 he had the opportunity to take his first tandem paragliding flight with Stefano Cagnucci, the pioneer who brought the sport from Italy to Colombia. After that experience of free flight he knew he had found his passion and promptly enrolled in classes to become a pilot. Finding himself addicted to the sport, he flew nearly every day in his native Colombia.

When he returned to the US in 1999 to live in the San Francisco Bay Area he quickly became involved with the local paragliders. He began flying the many West Coast sites and exploring all the National Parks and natural wonders that California and neighboring states have to offer. He took his flight training a step further when he became a USHPA certified T3 tandem instructor pilot so that he could share the experience of flight with others.

His adventurous spirit and love of nature and the outdoors led him to the decision to start a business based on his dreams and to share that dream with others. Vuelo Libre (free flight) is about that and more.

Ricardo Mantilla (Richi)

Paragliding Instructor & Tandem Pilot

German Lizcano (Zeta)

Paragliding Instructor & Tandem Pilot

Juan Felipe Arcila (Fresa)

Paragliding Instructor

Pablo Sasso (Tano)

Monitor & Tandem Pilot

Fabian Mejia (Mello)

Driver & Tandem Pilot

Giovanna Correa (Giova)