Course Description

For complete course details, write us: Whatsapp number +57 312432 6266 or richifly@colombiaparagliding.com

Mini Course (2 days) 240,00 USD

Start your first paragliding experience with a trial course and see for yourself how easy it is. Feel the sensation of flying and discover why birds sing. If you want to continue after this mini course this will taken into account. Includes two tandems flights.

Open sky Course (5 days) 640,00 USD

Discover paragliding. Three days of ground handling including an instructional tandem flight. Minimum 8 solo flights at the end. No license in this course, just a log book and the instruction to keep learning.

Adventure Course (10 days) 1200,00 USD

You´ll finish as a beginner paragliding pilot with minimum of 20 solo flights. We are specialized in teaching good techniques on takeoffs and landings and to be able to take good decisions before, during and after the flight. You will get certified but you need to be supervised for an instructor for a few days longer.

Advance Course (15 days) 1600,00 USD

Become an intermedia pilot in a short time. You´ll finish learning techniques and cross country basics, strong wind launches and thermal flying. You´ll be able to fly anywhere in the world without supervision of and instructor.

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Learn with your own equipment special prices for students. Equipment can be purchased here for better prices than U.S. or Europe.

Epic - BGD

Magic - BGD

Seed - BGD

Snug - BGD


The sport of paragliding offers the chance to realize man's oldest dream and this is a beautiful sport that most people can learn. Piedechinche, Valle del Cauca in Colombia, is the perfect place to learn everything about paragliding in a short period of time with qualified instructors and amazing flying sites. We offer complete instruction in the basics of free flight with consistent weather conditions.


Our goal is to provide all students with the skills and knowledge necessary to practice the art of paragliding to its fullest, and with the utmost concern for safety and good judgment in flight. Few places in the world have as many varied sites and consistent conditions available in such close proximity as Piedechinche, Valle del Cauca. It is a paragliding paradise.



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