How do we do it?
We arrange to either pick you up or meet you at the flying site. We require a 15 minute safety briefing so you understand the take-off, flight, and landing procedures. You will also be asked to read and sign some papers before we are ready to get started.

You will be fitted and fastened securely into your harness by the instructor. A helmet is also provided. The glider is then spread out behind you and the pilot. When conditions are perfect the instructor inflates the glider overhead and you will take a few steps running forward until you are both floating above the ground.

The Flight
Once airborne the passenger sits back and enjoys the spectacular scenery. With bothhands free it is a great time to have a camera or video-cam as taking pictures is easy. You will never forget this experience but it’s always good to take photos as part of the memory. We always like to capture our feet in the picture in mid-air as “proof” of our flight!.

The Landing
On the approach to the landing zone the instructor will inform you how you will land and what you should do. On a typical landing you will float down softly to the ground on your feet.

What to Wear – What to Bring
It’s a good idea to wear long pants, a windproof jacket and ankle supported shoes (like a hiking boot), although running or athletic shoes can be ok. A pair of gloves is also recommended for hand protection and to keep your hands warm in flight. Bring water and a snack for afterwards.

We provide all the technical and safety equipment. Don’t forget your camera. While we often can film your take-off and landing it’s great to bring a friend or family member along to film this awesome event.

Age and weight restrictions
There is no age limitation but minors need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. We can carry passengers up to about 275 lbs.

Length of your flight
As long as you would like. The conditions allow us to time your flight down to the minute. However weather does come into play sometimes. Canyon flights are about 15-30 minutes.

Prices in Colombian Pesos
15 min. $80,000
30 min. $150,000
Chicamocha Canyon: $200,000 plus $30,000 transport from Bucaramanga.